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public post [Mar. 15th, 2005|05:59 pm]
Sluts4Choice Mods


Members of sluts4choice can also use this space to air greivances/concerns. Comments screened and only available to members of this community (your friendly sluts4choice mods) to avoid privacy concerns; IP logging is also disabled.

[User Picture]From: noabsolutes
2005-11-16 10:28 pm (UTC)

Re: Issue of Safe Space

We are absolutely not anti-LGBT, and on a similar note I absolutely do not have any crushes on any other members of my gender at this time. ;)

In many other communities "safe space" rules have been enacted to make sure everybody plays nice and no harsh words are ever spoken and everybody gets along fine and there are bunnies and sunshine and flowers and all is good. Safe space has pretty much come to mean "don't say anything that isn't 100% positive."

Except that never works, because something says something asshattish, and other members call them on it, and then the mods lay the smackdown on the people who called the asshats on their shit, so the asshats go away smirking and the righteous ones go away smouldering.

I don't want that, especially since it always seems to give preferential treatment to asshats.

I don't want it to be easy to be a dick in my community, pretty much. I feel, almost, that safe space communities coddle their members and I repect my sluts more than that. You all don't need coddling.

That's all I meant. It's not oriented towards a particular political/social stance at all.
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