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public post [Mar. 15th, 2005|05:59 pm]
Sluts4Choice Mods


Members of sluts4choice can also use this space to air greivances/concerns. Comments screened and only available to members of this community (your friendly sluts4choice mods) to avoid privacy concerns; IP logging is also disabled.

[User Picture]From: puckish
2005-10-09 11:46 pm (UTC)
Your current name is 'Anti-Life Sluts' which could be one of the reasons why there have been some people in the community who believe that 'choice' simply refers to abortion. That could prevent things like that from happening again.

The current name "Anti-Life Sluts" could also lead some people to believe that everyone in the community is an STI-ridden whore. The moderators hope -- probably wrongly -- that most of the community members have enough brain cells to rub together to understand that if the "sluts" part is sarcastic/reclamation, then maybe -- just maybe -- the "anti-life" part might be, too.

The reason that some people in the community believe that "choice" doesn't extend beyond the abortion issue is simply that people are ignorant -- and because they care more about making hilarious jokes about pro-lifers on the internet than about actually helping improve women's freedom and lives.
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